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The Lazy Humans Guide to Getting Out of Debt – Part I

And How to Stay Motivated & Encouraged in the Process If you are in debt you are going to want to bookmark this page! Here we cover the beginnings of what it actually takes to get out of debt. No tricks. No schemes. No special tools. The raw hard facts of what it takes technically […]

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Top 4 Free Get Out of Debt Spreadsheets

1. The Ultimate Debt Reduction Calculator The guys at created this super amazing Debt Reduction Calculator in .XLS format that will help you keep track of your debts and your progress for paying them off. We really like this spreadsheet because it incorporates the Snowball Strategy which basically involves you paying off your lowest […]

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The Definitive Guide To Getting Out of Debt

A Free Ebook To Help You Eliminate Debt The Right Way! The single most painful part of being in debt is not having the right information transparent and available to you when you need it. Much of your pain could actually be alleviated by simply knowing not only your rights as an American, but also […]

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10 Low Risk Investments Reaping High Returns

With the rising cost of living, it’s very crucial that we put our money in something that will benefit us in the future. One way to do that is to invest our hard-earned cash in financial plans that will reap the highest returns possible. But a common misconception is that if you want to generate […]

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8 Unconventional Ways to Access Cash When You’re in a Bind

We’ve all been there. We’re strapped for cash and we just don’t know where to turn. We’ve borrowed money from our roommates, had our sister fill our tank with gas, and asked our parents if we can “start cashing in on our inheritance.” We’ve tapped out all of our resources, it’s two weeks away from […]

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Best ISA’s For Your Circumstances

Not everyone understands what an ISA is, but as soon as they find out that it is a savings account that will not have tax deducted they decide that it is a good idea to open one. The only thing is that there are so many available that it is hard to know which one […]

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Top Tips For Buying Properties With Friends

Buying properties with friends is something that is gradually becoming more popular and something that more and more people are now considering. While most of us probably imagined ourselves moving into our first homes with a partner, the unfortunate fact of the matter may simply be that you didn’t meet someone as soon as you […]

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5 Ways to Use Your Good Credit After You Retire

Retirement should be an experience that you are looking forward to as you get older. Finally, you will have time to dedicate to the people and hobbies that are most important to you. But you should tread carefully. Ending your major source of income and becoming reliant on your retirement savings and Social Security can […]

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