10 Specific Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

Wedding planning is an exciting time, but the expense could be dragging you down. Chin up! There are many ways to save money on your wedding.

Here are 10 of the best ways to save money on your wedding:

1. Cut back on guests:

The number one way to slash reception costs is to invite fewer people. You can reserve a smaller venue and pay for less catering when you share the memories of the big day with a more intimate crowd.

2. Always ask for a better price:

Caterers, florists, photographers, and others who help your wedding come to life know how competitive the industry is. If you can find a better price somewhere, business owners know you’ll take it. Let these companies know you want to do business with them, but ask if they would be willing to drop the rate by 10 percent. If they want your business, they’ll have to comply.

3. Ask friends and family to contribute their skills:

In lieu of gifts, have your graphic-designing uncle make your invitations; ask your cousin’s band to play at the reception; and request bouquets for the bridal party from your maid of honor’s floral-arranging mother.

4. Have the ceremony and reception in the same place:

Renting out one venue longer is almost always cheaper than renting out two different venues for shorter periods of time. Slash costs even more by holding the events in a relative’s spacious backyard.

5. Rent rather than buy:

From table linens and expensive jewelry to tuxes and your wedding dress, rent instead of buying whenever possible. You’ll get plenty of pictures during the big event to warrant renting instead of buying these items.

6. Consider all your wedding dress options:

If you’re the nostalgic type who wants to keep your wedding dress, consider affordable options. Hit the consignment store, discontinued dress aisle, or internet sites to find gently-worn or brand-new gowns that never made it to the altar. You can also modify your mother’s dress and wear it down the aisle.

7. Consider the off-season:

Spring and summer are the busiest times to tie the knot. Stand out from the crowd – and revel in considerably lower costs – by booking your wedding in the fall or winter.

8. Weigh food and drink options:

A buffet of finger foods is cheaper than having a full sit-down meal. Also, look ahead and find a venue that allows you to bring in your own alcoholic beverages. Even if you’re required to pay a corkage fee, you can still save money compared to having an open bar provided by the venue.

9. Cut down on the cake:

A simple two-tiered cake can be breathtaking at your wedding reception. Supplement it with a sheet cake so every guest can have a taste. Opt for a simple filling, such as delicious butter cream, instead of exotic options like mango or guava. Keep add-ons simple, and if you want a flowered look on your cake, stick short stems of real flowers into the cake for a gorgeous look at a lower cost than sugared flowers.

10. Choose modest invitations:

Lightweight invitations written with basic black ink that fit in standard-size envelopes are the most affordable option. Plan to assemble them with the help your bridal party rather than paying someone else. Or if you really want to save money, consider electronic invitations to save time, paper, and money.

There’s no need to go bankrupt planning the most important day of your life. These tips from The Knot and Bridal Guide help make your wedding affordable and beautiful; a day you can look back on with fond memories and a full bank account to boot.

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