Top 50 Debt Resources On The Web Right Now

1. – Money Matters

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, created this website to help you tackle some money issues head-on. Use their menu to the right on their site to find tips and resources on money matters.


Free personal finance software to assist you to manage your money, financial planning, and budget planning tools. Achieve your financial goals with Mint.

3. Dave Ramsey – Debt Section

Find out how Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball plan as well as his other high quality debt advice will help you build serious momentum to get out of debt.

4. – Debt Section

Yes Oprah gives advice for getting out of debt. Well sorta. Actually she has many other experts such as Suze Orman to write for her. Nevertheless even though it’s not Oprah… it’s still great advice (that was a joke).


Personal finance that makes cents. With advice on getting out of debt advice as well!


(This site) a resource site for individuals looking to eliminate their debt and achieve financial independence. Here you will find content that has been compiled through intensive research and painful personal experiences.

7. – Debt Management Section

Bad credit? offers news and advice for those who need debt management.


A free Christian Finance website helping Christians manage their money and financial lives better. They regularly have articles on budgeting, saving money, getting out of debt, making money, investing, and more.


The latest in debt articles, financial advice, tips, news, and Q&A with Steve. Connect with the Get Out of Debt community to share advice, questions and stories.


This debt blog details the transformation of the authors financial life, including the repayment of tons of credit card debt, the establishment of a workable budget, building of an emergency fund and saving for retirement. In addition, he writes about a myriad financial musings on topics ranging from investing, saving, negotiating with creditors and other things of interest to personal finance addicts.

11. – Manage Debt Section

Learn how to manage your debt and get debt free. Find debt help resources, tools, and more all at!

12. – Manage Debt Section

Suze Orman tells it like it is and gives you some valuable advice for managing your debt that you can’t get anywhere else.

Specific Articles (Awesome Ones) For Getting Out of Debt

13. – The 12-Step Get Out of Debt Program

Debt is a major problem for a lot of people these days. The problem is, even if they know they want to get out of it, they have a hard time figuring out how to start.
If you fit this description, this 12-Step program spells it out for you.

This list is still in progress. If you know of any sites that should be here… please leave a comment in the comment thread below. Thanks.

Additional Helpful Debt Resources

1st Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation Program Resource and Guide – Consolidate any Credit Card Debts or Unsecured Loans Online With Best Debt Companies- No Obligation Consultation.

My 1st Million At 33

A site that shares tips, tools, and humble thoughts on the journey to wealth by an expert on the subject who made his first million at age 33.

2million Personal Finance Blog

Personal Finance Blog of a journey to reach my goal of a net worth of $2 million.

All Financial Matters

A personal finance blog dedicated to discussing such topics as budgeting, asset allocation, 401K, IRA, cash flow, insurance, financial planning, portfolio management, and other areas in personal finance.

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff is a personal finance blog that covers spending, saving, budgeting, financial advice, and the fun stuff along the way.

Chief Family Officer

Find tips of Food, Finances, and Fulfillment